Today’s message is brief:

By the time you send a quote or proposal, you have done 99% of the work.

You have built the relationship, serviced the customer (often for years), jumped through hoops, researched and wrote the quote or proposal, and you sent it.

But this 99% gets 0% of the money.

It’s the last one percent that gets all of the money — the quote follow-up gets all the money. The proposal follow-up gets all the money.

So, for the sake of all that is fair and reasonable, follow up on every quote or proposal.

If you must be more selective, choose a minimum dollar amount, and every quote or proposal that’s above that number should be followed up upon.

Doing this follow up work is fair and reasonable to you, your family, your company, and your customers who deserve your help.

Following up is the last 1% of the work, but it get 100% of the money.

If you would like to establish systems and processes for systematically following up on your quotes and proposals to double your close rate call me at 847-459-6322 to discuss.