The majority of salespeople don’t want to pay for their own sales training, and this shocked me.

I ran a poll last week asking how much salespeople invested in their own training.

Some spent $50 – $250 per year.
Some spent $250 – $500 per year.
Some even spent $500 – $1000 per year.

The biggest percentage of people however spent zero.

33% of people who voted wouldn’t spend money on their own development.

They would only do training if their company provided it.

Companies should of course be consistently providing the best possible training for their sales teams.

This shouldn’t stop salespeople investing in their own training.

There are two key components to this.

The first is the word “invest”.

It’s not about spending your money on training, but investing it.

Investing means you want to generate a return on it.

The second is application.

Investing in training is the first step, the next is applying what you learn.

That’s where the results happen.

If you’re looking to invest in yours or your team’s training, I’m delivering a 3-hour live sales workshop this Thursday.

Link to the details is in the comments.

Invest in the right training and apply it and watch your sales grow.