About 95% of companies — your competition — sell reactively.

That is, they await incoming inquiries, orders, and requests, and fill the orders.

That’s because these inquiries, requests, and orders (and problems) come in all day long, and unless you quickly plan and make time for proactive selling, it doesn’t happen on its own. Because you’re extremely busy reacting all day.

And so, here is what happens:

One: Only the people reaching out to you get to talk to you. The others, who don’t bring you urgencies, don’t hear from you very much. Because you’re so busy with the squeaky wheels.

Two: You tend to only sell what is being requested or ordered. Even though your customers need more of what you sell, it tends to not come up. That’s because customers niche us for the products and services they always buy, and, also, we niche them. Salespeople think, “If they need it, they’ll ask me for it.” But it doesn’t work that way, because they don’t know they can buy it from you, because they they don’t think about you for that. This is evidenced by the fact that they never ask you for it, even though they need it, and buy it elsewhere.

And there is the tragedy of reactive selling: we only talk to a small fraction of our customers, and only sell them a small fraction of the products and services that they need.

How to remedy this?

Call your customers proactively.

Build relationships with them.

Tell them you are thinking about them.

Ask them what they’re working on that you can help them with.

Three proactive calls a day is nearly 800 in a year.

Five proactive calls a day is 1,300 a year.

Five proactive calls will probably require around 10 minutes per day, because you’ll mostly be leaving short voicemails.

Do you have 10 customer-facing people? That’s 13,000 outbound proactive calls.

Do you have 50 customer-facing people? That’s 65,000 outbound proactive calls.

In 10 minute per day each.

And remember, you will be the only one calling your customers this way.

How can business possibly not grow when you’re doing this?

If you do this, your sales will grow dramatically, because physics demands it. When customers and prospects hear from only you this much, they will dramatically increase their business with you.

My clients average 15 to 30% annual sales growth. Some add even more. Every year.

This is predictable revenue growth. You can make plans around it. Because you are in control of it. You are generating it.

This is the power of proactive selling.

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