Surprisingly often in my work, I hear the following from salespeople:

“I’m doing it, I’m just not writing it down.”

In my revenue growth projects with clients, tracking and recording opportunities is an important component of the success we create. (My clients add 15-30% annually company-wide, but individual salespeople often double and sometimes triple their personal sales.)

But salespeople are busy.

And they tend to dislike administrative work, like logging proactive actions (which we call swings) and the opportunities that arise from them into some tech-enabled CRM or tracking system.

Here’s the thing:

If you don’t record the opportunity, how can you follow up on it?

If you don’t track the opportunity somewhere, how will you even remember all the ones that you worked so hard to open?

If you operate in a busy selling environment, can you even tell me all the opportunities that were created on this day one week ago? Most people cannot. I work solo, without a team around me, and I couldn’t tell you all of the opportunities that arose a week ago.

That’s because we can’t remember them all.

Logging sales opportunities frees them from our memory, and puts them into a process.

And when you review your list of customers to follow up with, you’ll be reminded of exactly what you talked about, and how you can help.

It’s not busy work.

It’s selling work.

And it helps you stand out from the crowd because most of your competition isn’t carefully tracking open sales.

So back to “I’m doing it, I’m just not writing it down.”

If you’re not writing it down, you’re actually probably not doing it.

Because you can’t remember it all.

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