It’s noble work that those of us in the sales profession get to do.

First, it’s a helping profession, isn’t it?

Who gets to help people more than us?

Every day, we can show up, be present, ask questions, and try our hardest to help people who need it. There are very few jobs that enable this kind of goodness, but ours does.

Second, we are in total control of our livelihood and future. In sales, we determine how much money we bring home to our families. Want to earn more? Luckily, you know right now, as you read this, exactly what you need to do to make it so. (For example, call customers proactively, when nothing is wrong, and offer additional products and services.) Now you just have to go do it. What an empowered position to be in.

Third, the entire company you work for operates because of you. That is, without your good work, there would be no need for accounting, human resources, the warehouse, and delivery drivers. But even more importantly, you make it possible for all the people in those departments to have their jobs and feed their families.

This is righteous work that we get to do.

How lucky are we?

Motivational Speeches For Your Sales Kick-Offs and Conferences

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