The Secret To Selling More

I will tell you the secret to selling more. 

 Because people ask me. They say, “So, what’s the secret?” 

 This is the secret: 

 There is no secret to selling more. 

 There is no silver bullet. 

 There is no magic formula. 

 There is only the work. 

 I tell every audience that you know everything I’m about to teach you. 

 The question is, are you doing it?

 Are you doing the work?

 Are you communicating with your customers and prospects more than the other guys?

 Are you more present than the competition?

 Are you calling customers you haven’t talked to in a while?

 Are you asking for the business?

 Are you asking for referrals, systematically?

 Are you planning your communications, and executing your plan, week after week, month after month? 

 If you want to sell more, you simply need to communicate more.

 The more people hear from us, the more they buy from us.

 Want to sell more?

 Do the work.

 There is no secret.

 There is only the grind of selling more.

The people who do the work sell more.

The ones who don’t, don’t.

There’s your secret.

Will you do the work?

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About Alex

I'm a market strategist, consultant, coach and speaker for product and services companies that are looking for dramatic growth and increased revenues.

My clients include Fortune 500 firms like Amazon and Sprint - as well as publicly traded companies like Logitech, TiVo, Virgin Mobile and Yelp.