So much of sales success is about making an effort which other salespeople are not making.

Sales success is about demonstrating to people that you care about them.

Sales success is not about caring more. You care more than enough! But when you keep that quiet — when you don’t communicate that you care — then nobody knows you care. Caring in silence is a tree falling in the forest. Customers wonder, is it really happening?

It’s about showing people you’d like to help them.

Sales growth comes to salespeople who show up.

Salespeople who are present.

Salespeople who try more than the competition.

How do you do these things?

How do you show customers you care about them? How do you show up, be present, and let people know you want to help them?

With that old fashioned but incredibly effective selling tool:

The telephone!

Almost no salespeople call customers and prospects when nothing is wrong.

Which is the key to growing your sales consistently:

Call customers and prospects.

When nothing is wrong.

Have a relationship phone call.

Ask them how they are.

And ask about their family.

And ask what they are working on that you can help them with.

There is your effort.

Ninety-five percent of salespeople do not do this.

Get good at calling customers and prospects when nothing is wrong, and you will instantly be in the top 5% of all salespeople.

Which is right where you belong.