The Ultimate Secret to Fast Sales Growth

I work with organizations of all sizes — as large as $6 billion in sales, and as small as $10 million. My most typical client is between $25 million and $500 million in sales.

Upon implementing my program, these companies average between 10% and 20% sales growth annually, but some have added more than 35% new sales in a single year.

The most successful individual salespeople in my projects, interestingly, often add 50 to 200% to their sales. That’s right, many salespeople double their annual numbers, and some go beyond that.

How do they do this?

By systematically implementing the “ultimate secret” to sales growth.

The “magic bullet.”

What is this “ultimate secret?”

Well, it’s actually not a secret at all.

In fact, you know what it is right now, as you read this.

Further, as soon as you get to this “secret,” just below, you will say to yourself “Well no kidding! Of course this is the key to growing sales.”

The secret is….

The Work.

The work is the secret.

The grind is the secret.

The communications are the secret.

To grow sales, we must systematically communicate more with customers and prospects in fast, simple ways.

To sell more, we must simply be more present than the competition.

To learn more, listen to today’s brand new seven-minute podcast episode release — detailing the specific kinds of communications you can implement. Take the few short minutes to listen now — internalizing this one concept can generate millions of dollars in new sales for you.

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My clients add 10 to 20% annually to their sales -- every year -- by taking simple action repeatedly and systematically. My clients are manufacturers, distributors and service companies in mature industries like lumber, pipes and valves, chemicals, and steel. If you would like to add 10-20% to your sales quickly and easily, call me directly at 847-459-6322.