I think the window for selling more and making money is now wide open.

In fact, I think the great majority of our total 2020 sales can be made in the next four to five months in the United States.

The weather is nice and warm.

States are mostly reopening.

Businesses are operating at a greater capacity than any time since February — albeit remotely to a large extent.

Customers have discovered a rhythm.

Now is the time to help as many customers as we can.

Now is the time to call customers and prospects proactively, because the competition is not.

Now is the time to offer more products, more services, more value.


Because your customers need you more today than ever before.

Do not wait.

Every week and month without systematic proactive communication becomes lost sales which you can never get back. 

This is lost money for your company.

Lost money for your family.

And most importantly, It hurts your customers, who have to buy from the competition.

They don’t want to.

They’d rather buy from you.

Because you are better.

But when you stay quiet, when you do not offer to help them, you force them to go elsewhere.

Now is the time to help them.


The window to sell a lot more is wide open for you.

Now is the time.

If you’d like to discuss implementing my Selling Boldly program at your organization and 10-20% annually to your sales, as my clients average, please call me directly at 847-459-6322.