As we watched football in America on Sunday, and again last night — with our families, and our snacks, and our drinks — the nation of Israel was responding to the worst attack on Jewish people in about 80 years.

At my house, on Sunday night, we hosted some of our kids’ friends for dinner, with light and happy conversation.

This week, we’ll make our sales calls, have our meetings, and send our quotes and proposals.

And the people of Ukraine, the country in which I was born, will try to win back land seized by Russia… meter by meter, tree by tree.

And while I know there are subscribers from around the world reading this, please indulge me as I write briefly about how lucky we are in America.

As we enjoy the freedoms of living and working in our wonderful country — as we pursue our chosen profession and take care of our families — millions of people around the world are fighting for their own freedom.

They fight and sacrifice for the promise of freedom, and what it might mean to them one day in the future, should they win it.

Many die for this promise.

Others, like Israelis, already have freedom and are now embarking on risking their lives to defend it.

In America, about 1.4 million active-duty military men and women defend our freedoms and sacrifice their own safety to protect ours.

Let us understand how good we have it.

Let us be grateful for the immense advantages we have in this incredible country.

Let us not ever take it for granted.

And let us do the sometimes uncomfortable work that we are so fortunate to engage in:

Let us pick up the phone proactively. And offer additional products and services. And follow up on our quotes and proposals. And check in on our customers, even when we haven’t talked to them in months or years.

They deserve this effort from us. And so do all the people fighting for their freedom today — and all those fighting for our freedom.

I feel we have to do this work because we are able to do it here.

And even when it’s challenging, or uncomfortable, let us do it anyways.

Because we get to do it here, in America.