It’s August 1.

There are 102 business days remaining this year, including today, but removing holidays and the entire last week of the year.

Let’s assume a day off or two, and call it 100 days.

That’s 100 days to meet your business goals, help your customers, and help your company grow.

The statistical results below are based on tens of thousands of salespeople doing this work across hundreds of clients over more than 15 years.

If you make just 3 proactive calls a day, which should take five minutes, since you will likely be leaving voicemails and following up by text message (as detailed in my latest book, Pick Up The Phone & Sell), you will make 300 calls by year-end. And because we know — if you follow my scripts and approaches on these calls — that two out of three people will communicate back with you, you will enjoy 200 total proactive interactions with customers and prospects. If you’d like 333 proactive customer interactions instead, you can simply make five calls a day rather than three, requiring seven or eight minutes of your time.

If you ask five did-you-know questions a day, which will take 10 total seconds (did you know we can also help you with x?; how are you on product y?), you will ask 500 before the year ends, and 100 will turn into new line items added, which are likely to be purchased repeatedly — daily, or weekly, or monthly, for most of you reading this. If your customers order just monthly, this will be a total of 1,200 additional items sold for you. If they cost $100 each, that’s $120,000 in additional sales. But if you’d like to make a quarter million dollars instead, just ask 10 did you know questions a day from now until the end of the year, which should take 20 to 30 seconds daily. And if you have a team of 10 salespeople, that’s $1.2M before the year ends at 5 DYKs a day.

If you follow up on just two quotes each day, you will make 200 follow-ups, and you will close about 25%, or 50, of these. So, what’s your average quote amount? If it’s $2,500, you’ve just made another $125,000 in sales with almost no work at all. But if you’d like to make $375,000 instead, just follow up on six quotes a day instead of two.

It’s easy to sell more — we simply need to make communications that are helpful to the customer, like the ones I run through above.

Of the tens of thousands reading this right now — the people who apply discipline to implement these lightening fast communication daily will be the ones who grow your sales dramatically in 2022 and easily exceed your goals.

Will you apply discipline?

There are 100 days left to swing the bat and enjoy the results.

What will you do, daily?

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