Most corporate change and sales improvement initiatives fails because we do not address the emotional reasons behind the desired change.

We simply tell salespeople to make more calls.

“Make more calls, because that’s what we’re doing now!”

But why?

What will get better if we do?

Who will be improved?

My projects address the emotional reason behind the work. That is, we get at the emotional reasons behind implementing this change.


By going out and talking to your happiest customers, and gathering the wonderful things they think and feel about you.

And letting your customer-facing people hear this feedback.

Here are some actual testimonials gathered from the customers of one of my distributor clients:

“The owners take care of their people, and your employees are happy to be there, and that makes a difference in how they treat us as customers.”

“They are my friends, and they are very willing to go beyond what I need. That company is my top supplier out of all of my suppliers.”

“We know we pay more for working with you, but we’re happy to do it because we get what we pay for.”

Real feedback from real customers.

What would your people think if they saw this?

How would they react to this infusion of positivity, optimism and enthusiasm?

This feedback becomes the reason to communicate more with customers and prospects.

It is the fuel for the behavior change we’re asking for.

This is why we should make more calls, I would say.

This is how you help your customers, I would tell your staff.

Now let’s go help them some more.

Don’t they deserve more of this value?

The competition is not as good as you. Not even close.

Let’s go rescue these customers from the competition!

(I say this in client workshops all the time.)

Your customers know how good you are.

Now we’re asking YOU to know.

And then behave accordingly.

This is how we get at the emotion.

Change is easier to make this way.

Change lasts longer this way. It’s stickier.

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