This Year Ask for the Business

As the old saying goes, you can’t win the business you don’t ask for.
There have been many moments in my life where I’m ready to buy, and the seller doesn’t ask me to. So I don’t. Sometimes, I have to try to chase the seller down to give him or her my money, and because of their disinterest, I am unsuccessful.

Don’t put your customers and prospects in this position.

Instead, ask them these questions, which I call pivots to the sale: 

When would you like this?

How many do you need?

How would you like to pay?

I can have it there on Tuesday or Thursday, which is better for you?

When can I expect the PO?

Don’t like mine? Add your own favorites to the list.

And here is the most important thing in today’s newsletter: Right now, go into Microsoft Word or wherever you type things up and very quickly make your list of top five closing questions. Use mine or yours, it doesn’t matter. Then enlarge the font so it’s easily readable. Now print it.

And put it in front of your eyes, where you work. Tape it to your monitor maybe. Make sure you can easily see it when you are on the phone with customers and prospects.

And ask every single one of your customers and prospects one of these questions. 

Then sit back, and enjoy their yeses.

And enjoy all your new sales!

2019 Selling Boldly Coaching Program

There is still time to sign for my 2019 coaching program where we will implement systems such as the one detailed here, complete with accountability and recognition programs. You’ll attend my live kick-off workshop in Chicago on February 6, and then on the next day, you’ll start doing the fast and simple work that will grow your personal sales 10-30% this year. Following the workshop, there will be two monthly webinars and a half-day workshop, back in Chicago (near O’Hare), in May. It’s a six-month program overall. We start this month with two customer interviews per participating company.

Details and signup are here:

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