Top 5 Reasons You Should CALL Your Customer And Prospects

Here are the top five reasons you should call your customers and prospects:

One: They will buy more. Right now, as you read this, your customers are buying things from the competition which they should be buying from you. In fact, they’d like to buy it from you. Give them the chance to do so.

Two: Your customer will be happy to hear from you. My clients tell me all the time about how impressed their customers were to hear from them. “You actually called and asked,” they say.

Three: It will be fun, and you’ll have a nice conversation. Despite our instinct fear that our customers’ phones are ringing off the hook, it’s simply not true. Nobody is calling customers unless there’s a problem or urgency. If you call a customer proactively and say “Tom, I was just thinking about you. How’s your family? What are you working on these days that I may be able to help you with…” you will literally be the only phone call like that. Quite possibly the only call like that all year. 

Four: Your customers deserve it. Why make them suffer through the competition, who don’t return calls on time, or do what they say they will do? Go help these people your way.

Five: Your company, and your family, and you deserve it. You work really hard. And you do wonderful work. Be present for customers. Show them that you’re interested. Show them that you care.

They will thank you with their money.


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