I just submitted a new book manuscript to my publisher Wiley. It comes out this summer.

Because I run a busy consulting practice solo, I write these books quickly, and this period of time is intense. The client’s work and writing are the dominant activities.

Not the selling.

And then, once the writing is finished, I turn my attention back to the selling.

I pick up the phone. I revisit past opportunities.

I become active again.

I push the gas on my proactive communications. There are meetings and proposals and follow-ups.

And then, in a completely predictable fashion, I sell new projects.

And so, after going through these ups and downs in sales enough times, you realize that your sales success is entirely in your hands.

Communicate measurably more over an extended period of time, and your sales will go up.

So if you are in a down period in your sales results, turn to the telephone and start calling current and past customers, and current and past prospects.

When we push the gas in a car, it accelerates forward, as expected.

And when we push the gas on our proactive communications with customers and prospects, our sales success similarly shoots forth.

As expected.

To systematically push the gas on your proactive communications and add 10-20% to your sales annually from this work, as my clients average, please call me directly at 847-459-6322.