We Must Demonstrate Interest & Care

We must do what we say we will do because so many people do not.

We must be reliable because the competition is not. We assume they are, but they are not.

We must pick up the phone proactively because the competition does not. We think our customers’ phones are ringing off the hook, but they are not. Nobody is calling. Which why we must.

It’s so easy.

And customers appreciate it so much.

We must follow up because so few people do. We must ask our customers where they are at on that quote they asked for.

We must ask for the business because it demonstrates that we are interested. It demonstrates that we care. And the competition doesn’t do much to demonstrate interest or care.

These are rare commodities, interest, and care.

Customers value them so much because they so rarely experience them.

Let the competition be quiet because they are afraid.

We must be present. Even if we are afraid. 

It is what our customers deserve.

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