I’ve always considered the Fourth of July weekend a kind of halftime break for the year.

Today, the beginning of the first full week of the third quarter, the second half of 2020 properly begins.

If it were a sports game, our team would be far behind.

And, the score, like the pandemic sales results, would indicate that most of us are well behind.

But many champions have been crowned after a difficult and frustrating second half.

That’s because they gathered themselves at halftime, as we should now.

They cleared their minds and organized their game plan.

They assessed the environment, identified opportunities, and made adjustments.


What adjustments will you make as the second half begins?

What’s your plan to attack the remaining months?

Will you make proactive phone calls?

Will you make a list of customers and prospects to call at the beginning of each year.

Will you adjust your offerings and create “easy yeses” for your customers?

It’s time now to clear your mind.

Gather your thoughts.

Take a deep breath.

And go and attack the second half.

Your customers need you.

Go be proactively and systematically helpful to them. 

Their increased business will turn the year into a significant and well-earned success!

If you’d like to discuss implementing systematic proactive sales growth in our current remote selling environment, please call me at 847-459-6322.