The difficult environment we find ourselves in is temporary. The thing will return to more normal. Not necessarily the same normal we had before for many years. But they will become more normal, and we should all think, plan, and behave accordingly.

I know it can be hard to create (and, sometimes, even function) in the face of the fear and anxiety that comes with this time.

But imagine if you can take advantage of this time to create something that you will look back upon when things do return to more normal.

Imagine if you can look back at this time and say, “If that pandemic didn’t happen, I never would have done or created this!”

“I never would have put together this offering.”

“I never would have helped all those customers.”

“I never would have made that sale.”

How wonderful would that be?

Imagine if you can look back and think about how well you took advantage of this time.

What does this look like for you?

What can you do now, to help your customers and prospects now?

What can you do now?

In my business, I am thinking about how to deliver differently what I do, repackaged for these times. That’s where the low-cost Selling Boldly Coaching Program comes from — it’s my approaches to sales growth, delivered digitally, remotely, and to an audience (individual salespeople and managers) who did not have a way to work with me directly before. When this ends, I intend to continue this program in parallel with my usual project work growing sales for organizations.

You will see other new offerings from me. I am trying to help people now.

There is also a private Facebook discussion group with more than 200 members (join us), as well as webinars, videos, and more (see below).

Your offerings might look different than mine.

But your customers and prospects need you now more than ever.

What can you do now, in our current environment to help them?

Watch These Videos, Made To Help You Sell More

Here is a list of the recent videos I’ve created to help you sell and succeed now. Watch these for some motivation and energy, and also specific techniques, to help you sell more now:

How Salespeople Can Overcome Fear To Sell More Now (7 minutes)

An Invitation to Fight For Optimism & Positivity In Your Sales Work (6 minutes)

New Series: Growing Sales, With a Drink, During An Epidemic:

Episode 2: How to respond to “everything is on hold now.” (16 minutes)

Episode 1: What to say to customers when you proactively call them now. (14 minutes)

Complete webinar replay: Selling To Fearful Customers (48 minutes)