What Customers Think When Salespeople Don’t Call

By Alex Goldfayn

When we don’t call our customers proactively, to check in on them, to ask what they are working on and what we can help with, here is how they perceive it:

You don’t care enough to call. You don’t care enough to try.

But that’s not why we avoid those calls is it?

We don’t call because we don’t want to bother our customers. We don’t want to annoy them. We don’t want to make them angry. We don’t want to lose them. And we are trying to avoid rejection.

So, we don’t call because we don’t want to bother them. But they don’t perceive it this way. They perceive that we do not care.

How To Finish Strong In 2021

1. Follow up on all outstanding quotes.

2. Call everyone you have had a sales conversation with in the last six months.

3. Call current customers to ask what else they need before the year ends.

4. Add three to five calls daily, first thing in the morning, on top of what you are already doing.

Note: My new book, the WSJ bestseller, Pick Up The Phone & Sell, gives you a simple approach to doing all of these items.

FAQ: What Is The Revenue Growth Leaders Peer Group?

Over the next several mailings, I will answer questions I get often. This is the first:

The Revenue Growth Leaders Peer Group is made up of owners who have done — or are currently engaged in — a full six-to-twelve month revenue growth project with me. It’s made up of owners, top executives, and sales leaders from companies in manufacturing, distribution, and professional services. Industries include plumbing, HVAC, lumber, steel, building engineering and automation, and others.

Some have been running this growth process for many years. Others have just started in the last year. Everyone has been through a similar process with me. Everyone knows what a proactive call is, and what a DYK and rDYK is. People share their systems and approaches for maximizing participant buy in, capturing proactive actions, score-carding and recognition programs. We meet in person for two days each year, and we supplement this with two or three virtual discussions. There is a surprise special guest at each meeting. This year it was Hall-of-Fame Chicago Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg, who talked about overcoming slumps and staying focused, even when you aren’t getting the results you want.

The Revenue Growth Leaders Peer Group gives you access to an entire community of implementors of my proactive revenue growth approaches. It’s also possible that other business transactions have occurred between participants!

If your organization has done a project with me, and you are interested in catalyzing your revenue growth in 2022 by surrounding yourself with like-minded executive peers who are doing the same thing, contact me directly at 847-459-6322. Enrollment is open only in December. Once our work begins in January, enrollment will close until the following year.