Here is a comment a client shared with me today, during a discussion about about placing testimonials throughout their website:

We thought about this and decided not to do because we didn’t want our competition stealing our customers.”

This was my response:

If a bottom feeding scavenger calls on a customer from a testimonial they found on your website, the odds of them actually winning that business from one of your happiest customers, who gave you permission to share their glowing thoughts, is almost zero. In about 18 years of doing this work I have not heard of a single instance of this happening, and nearly all of my customers add testimonials to their websites.

Also, every day, your happy customers are getting called on by your competition now. It’s already happening.

So share your testimonials far and wide, so that prospects can hear from their peers — your happy customers — about how wonderful it is to work with you.

FAQ: Why Do You Get Testimonials From Happy Customers For Every Client?

This section examines answers some common questions I am often asked about my work.

As a part of every project, either I, or one of my customer interviewers, speaks to your happy customers on the phone. We discuss what they’re happy about and how you help them. They tell us things like working with you saves them time. That you make them look good to their customers. That you always do what you say will do. That you always look out for their best interests, even when it may not be in yours.

Why do I do this in every project? Mostly because salespeople only hear from customers who have a problem or urgency. That means, even though the vast majority of your customers are very pleased (and quiet — they are not calling you because nothing is wrong), you spend nearly all of your time dealing with the unhappy ones. So, we go to the happy ones. We talk and we record the calls. And then we let your customer-facing teams listen to the calls. We debrief them in our workshops. We show your people how good they are, in the words of your customers, and we ask them to behave accordingly.

This process grows confidence, positivity, optimism and boldness. It is the foundation that helps your people pick up the phone and be present. It gives them the confidence to suggest additional products and services. It gives them the boldness to ask for the business, and ask for referrals.

It changes people immediately, because they hear this feedback in the voice of the paying customer.

To discuss bringing this kind of positivity and confidence to your customer-facing teams, please call me directly at 847-459-6322 or simply reply to this message.