When You Email And When You Call

When you Email: 

Did the email arrive?

You don’t know.

Did it land in the inbox or spam folder?

You don’t know.

Did the customer open it?

You don’t know.

Did the customer read it?

You don’t know.

Did it register in the customer’s brain?

You don’t know.

Did they like what you sent? Did they agree? What did they think?

You don’t know. Because they probably haven’t replied.

When You Call: 

Did the customer pick up? Did you have a nice conversation?  Did you have to leave a voice mail? Do you need to call back?

You know! Immediately!

In the context of selling, sending an email is only 1% better than doing nothing at all.

I believe the only acceptable use of email in the sales process is to use it to schedule phone calls!

To help your customer-facing team systematically call customers and prospects instead of emailing them, call me directly at 847-459-6322.


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