Making a sale is out of our control, but making the effort to make the sale is totally within our control.

This is why my Selling Boldly clients count efforts — swings — not successes (hits).

This is particularly effective because we know what the batting averages are in many cases. We know that 20% of DYK questions — one out of five — turn into a line item of business. We also know that two out of three voicemails followed by a text message following our script results in two out of three returned communications.

So, leaders, owners, and managers: ask for actions. Calls. Quote follow-ups. Did you know questions. Reverse did you know questions. Pivots to the sale. The more of those you get, the more you will sell. And when you blow past your goal for the year, you will find that your people will not take their foot off the gas. They won’t relax. Because you keep asking for and tracking actions that generate business.

It also has the added benefit of taking the pressure off your people. They are now measured on things they are in complete control of, which actually generate results, make them money, and feed their families.

It’s also totally predictable. Because it’s based on the behaviors of your people, you can plan for this growth. More actions will always equal more sales. (If they are the right actions, done the right way, of course.) But we know what these are. Want to grow more? Ask your team to take more actions this month, or this quarter.

So ask your people to meet sales-growing effort goals, not dollar or line-item goals.

This is new and different for most people, but it’s a much better way to sell.

And live.

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