Here is why salespeople do not make proactive phone calls:

  • We don’t want to bother the customer.
  • We don’t want to take their time.
  • We don’t want to upset them.
  • We don’t want to “lose” the opportunity.
  • We don’t want to be rejected.
  • We believe that if they need us, they will call us.

But here is what actually happens when we make proactive calls to customers and prospects:

  • Because we are calling people we know, we will have a nice, brief, friendly conversation.
  • The customer will feel honored that we thought of them, and took the time to reach out.
  • The customer will think of us (as opposed to salespeople who are not communicating) the next time they need something.
  • The customer will feel like we care.
  • The customer will remember our proactive outreach for a long time — months, maybe years — because getting a call is so rare, especially from suppliers they have relationships with.
  • The customer will be impressed with our effort and interest, and, in time, will actively look for ways to reward us with their business.

Making proactive calls to customers and prospects who we know — friendlies! — is quite possibly the single most effective sales growth activity there is.

But our fears and discomforts make us avoid making them.
Try it. You’ll like it. And so will your customers. And they will thank you with their money.