Would cookies for calls motivate you to make more sales phone calls?

This was a gift I sent the amazing people who supported the launch of my latest book “5-Minute Selling.” (The cookies inside are small and absolutely delicious.)

It can be really helpful to incentivize yourself when making sales calls.

It could be a cookie.

It could be a purchase for yourself.

It could be anything that feels like a reward to you!

Because that’s the key: to reward yourself for the uncomfortable work of making calls.

It’s not easy, it’s not always fun, but it’s the only way you can succeed in sales.

People are out there who want to buy what you sell, and they’re waiting for you to call them.

Pick up your phone, make those calls and make sure you reward yourself.

Credit to Daren Klum for the great pic, and Sofia’s Cookies for the excellent cookies. (They can put any design you want on the package.)