So many salespeople prospect by seeking to attract customers that are entirely new to you and your organization.

Most salespeople prospect by looking to find first-time buyers.

But these are not your best prospects.

In fact, they may be your worst prospects, in that they are the most difficult and time-consuming to sell to.

Your very best prospects, conversely, are your current customers.

Your best prospects are your biggest customers.

And your mid-size customers.

And also your small customers who only buy every once in a while.

Because almost all of them can probably buy more from you.

What can you sell or help them with that they don’t know about?

What are they buying elsewhere that they can buy from you?

Prospects don’t have to be people you don’t know yet.

Prospects are simply customers who can buy more.

Make a list of yours.

Then call them — on the phone — ask about them and their families, and tell them you’d like to help them more.

You will find most of them looking for ways to help you do this.

They’ll appreciate hearing from you when nothing is wrong.

And as usual, the reward for your proactive efforts will be significant additional sales.

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