Here is your competition:

Yesterday, a salesperson emailed me for the fourth consecutive time without a response from me, writing “so are you interested, because I’m going to keep emailing if I don’t hear from you.”

Last week, a Linkedin spammer wrote in his fifth consecutive message without a reply “I don’t want to keep bothering you, but I will LOL.” Just like that. With the LOL.

And yesterday, I was working with a client’s team virtually, and we were introducing asking did you know questions about additional products they can offer. One woman got so upset and uncomfortable at being asked to do something new, that she insulted me (“This is nothing new, there’s nothing special here.”), and then stormed out of the room!

This is your competition.

The competition tends to not put in the effort. They are afraid of the effort.

Worse, the competition is lazy. They default to the easiest and safest method.

You will do the work. Because the work is the answer to sales growth. The grind is the answer. We will grind through the work.

The competition tends to email and spam. And they know they are doing this, but they do it anyway.

Customers hate this.

So we will call.

The competition isn’t present.

But you will be.

We will be present. We will be helpful. Our customers want this from us.

And they will thank us with their business.

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