The following is an excerpt from my September, 2021 Wall Street Journal bestseller, Pick Up The Phone & Sell.

It is the entire text of Chapter 11:

Your Competition Is Not As Good As You

By Alex Goldfayn

One critically important path for overcoming your fears about proactively calling customers and prospects is to realize how much your customers value you.

They’ve been with you for years for a reason.

They keep coming back to you because you take great care of them.

If you asked what they like best about working with you, here is what they would say:

You’re always available.

You’re far more reachable and responsive than the competition. You even get back to your customers on weekends and evenings.

You save your customers time, because they can simply call or text or email you and you take care of it right way.

You also make sure they get their product or service delivered on time, or even early.

As a result of saving them time, your customers get focus on other priorities, which they would not otherwise have time for.

And because of this, you make them more productive.

And, they even become more profitable because of you. Because there’s much less wasted time with you.

They get to do what they promised to their own customers, who, in turn, keep coming back to them.

With other suppliers — your competition — they have to follow up a lot. They have to check on the status of their orders. They wonder whether they will be able to service their customers, because this depends on receiving your products or services on time.

Which means other suppliers require much more of your customers’ time than you do.

Working with you helps your customers look good to their customers.

And also you help them look good to their bosses.

Some of them will even say that working with your company makes it possible for them to even be in business.

You fight for your customers.

You bend over backwards for them.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve interviewed thousand of my client’s happy customers over the years as a part of my revenue growth projects, and this is what they tell me. (Would you like help gathering this type of customer love from your customers? Reply to this email or call me at 847-459-6322).

These good customers are not the ones calling you daily with problems or issues.

Rather, they are among the 80% to 90% of your customers who are happy and quiet.

They are not the squeaky wheels.

They are the satisfied ones.

When I go to them, I ask them what they like best about working with you.

And these are things that they talk about.

They describe what a pleasure it is to work with you.

Frequently, they will say you are their friend.

That you know each other’s spouses.

That you’ve had meals together, or golfed or hunted together.

They will say that you are always there for them.

They know this.

Do you?

They value your great value, and can quickly and easily describe it.

Do you know you’re great?

Draw confidence from these successes.

Draw confidence from all the value you bring to your customers.

Your customers have confidence in you because of this.

Now I’m asking you to have confidence in yourself.

I’m asking you to understand that your competition is not that good.

Others are not as good as you.

I know this.

And your customers know this.

So, really, what the hell is there to be afraid of?

Would you like to systematically and predictably grow your sales in 2022? My clients average 15-30% annual growth, and quite a few attain significantly more. If you would like to discuss what this may look like for your firm, please call me at 847-459-6322, or simply reply to this email.