The average response rate to voicemails is just 4.8%. (Source ZoomInfo)

Less than 5% of prospects on average call salespeople back.

However, the issue isn’t usually the prospect.

It’s the salesperson.

It’s what they say.

It’s how they say it.

Well crafted voicemails can increase response rates to 22%.

To even get a response though you need to leave a voicemail in the first place.

Many salespeople don’t even leave one.

It’s something I’ve written about in my book “5-Minute Selling”

I pose this question in the book:

“How will the customer call you back if they do not know that you called?”

Leaving a voicemail allows them to hear your voice.

Leaving a voicemail allows them to hear your name.

Leaving a voicemail gives them reason to call back.

I also cover what you should say in a voicemail to get a response in the book.

But it only works if you actually leave a voicemail.

I’m curious though, do you think salespeople should, or should not, leave voicemails?