Call A Customer You Haven’t Talked To In 6 Months or More

Want a simple but incredibly powerful action for revenue growth?

 Call a customer that you haven’t talked to in six months of more.

 “Haven’t talked in a while, I was thinking about you. What are you working on these days that I may be able to help you with?”

 Just like that.

 Or another way.

 The way does not matter.

 Making the communication is what matters. Show people you are thinking about them. Show them you care. Show them they are important.

 They will thank you with their money.

To systematically implement this kind of proactive outreach among your staff, call me directly at 847-459-6322, or simply reply to this email. 


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I'm a market strategist, consultant, coach and speaker for product and services companies that are looking for dramatic growth and increased revenues.

My clients include Fortune 500 firms like Amazon and Sprint - as well as publicly traded companies like Logitech, TiVo, Virgin Mobile and Yelp.

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