Do you call — not email — your good customers regularly, at least once a month? 

 Do you call — not email — your second-tier customers at least every 45 days? 

 Do you ask for referrals? By phone, not by email? 

 Do you call — not email — customers to tell them what else they can buy from you? Because they are probably buying it elsewhere today, from your competition. But they would like to buy it from you. And you would like to sell it to them. And they would be better off buying it from you. But none of that is possible because they don’t know they can buy it from you. So they suffer, and buy it from inferior sources. 

 Do you follow up on quotes and proposals by phone, not email? Good chance the customer is quiet not because they don’t want to buy, but because they got busy. Or, simply, they forgot. 

 Do you ask for testimonials by phone, not by email? People are happy to tell us what they like best about working with us, if only we ask.

 Do you call — not email — prospects, not just customers? Do people who arenot buying from you yet hear your voice? 

 The most successful people use the phone. The most successful people are present in front of their customers and prospects. 

 Are you?

 If you would like to grow your sales dramatically by teaching your customer-facing team to systematically be present in front of customers and prospects, call me at 847-459-6322 or simply reply to this email.