Marketing Questions for 2014


This is a terrific week to plan for next year. As you take a look at your 2014 marketing effort, ask yourself these questions:
  1. Who is your customer exactly? What kind of person is this? What title do they have (professionally, or personally)? Where do they work?
  2. What kind of value or improvement is really important to these people? Do they value increased revenue? Or maybe increased productivity which creates more free time?
  3. Does your product or service address this value that your target market finds important?
  4. If so, how exactly? How does your product or service improve lives and companies? How are people and organizations better off after experiencing your value?
  5. Here’s the big one: Are you marketing that?! The answer to question four should make up the first 80% of your marketing. The last 20% can be your technical details, process, and specifications.

In marketing, we hook people with emotion, and we close the deal with logic. Allow people to find the logic if they need it, but first, overwhelm them with your emotional value.

Along with my wife and two kids, I wish you and your family a wonderful, safe and very Merry Christmas!

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