Marketing Resolutions for The New Year


Here are 10 marketing resolutions for the new year:

I resolve to spend 15 minutes per day communicating my company’s value to the world, because even Ihave 15 minutes.

I resolve to focus my marketing on how my customers are improved by my products and services, instead of on product details, specifications, systems, processes and approaches.

I resolve to be bold, confident, and helpful in my marketing, because my products and services are among the very best in the world. And people deserve to know about what I do!

I resolve to inform my existing customers about more of what I do, because, currently, they only know about 20 to 25 percent of my overall offerings.

I resolve to ask for testimonials, because there is nothing I can say about our organization that is as powerful, compelling and relevant as what my customers can say.

I resolve that the experiences of at least one happy customer will be featured on every piece of marketing that leaves my desk.

I resolve to ask my customers for referrals as well, because why wouldn’t they want to expose people they know to my value?

I resolve to build my company’s lists aggressively, because if our lists aren’t growing, our company probably isn’t either.

I resolve to test raising prices a bit, because research shows that customers value relationship and history far more than a 5 to 10 percent increase in price. Plus, they probably won’t even notice!

I resolve to not cut corners. Marketing is communication action. It’s not research. It’s not brainstorming. It’s not having committee meetings. Marketing is telling somebody something they didn’t know about my value. It doesn’t matter if that’s one person, 1,000 people, or 1 million people.

I will tell people how my products and services will improve their lives and work!

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