What Can YOU Do?

During most of my client projects, I interview some of the key customer-facing staff. I record the calls for the owner to listen to, and then we debrief the conversations. 

 I ask the staff — usually outside and inside salespeople, and their management — what is the easiest, fastest way to grow this business? 

 I am listening for two things:

 First, the content of their answer. What do they think is the lowest-hanging fruit for growth? (Do they see fruit?)

 Second, where is the locus of control? Do they talk about what they can do to sell more, or what the company can do to help them sell more? 

 I want to know about you can do to grow sales.

 Don’t tell me what the company can do: We need to lower our prices. We need to invest more in different products to sell.

 For nearly all of you reading this, your products and services are more than good enough to grow your sales dramatically. 

 So, what will you do?

 Who will you call proactively?

 What did you know questions will you ask?

 What referrals will you request?

 What quotes are outstanding that you will follow up on?

 Who will you try to help more? Who will hear from you more? 

 You’re in control of selling more and making more money.

 What will you do?

 To arm your customer-facing staff with simple, no-cost techniques to systematically communicate more with customers and prospects and grow your sales, call me directly at 847-459-6322 or simply reply to this email.  


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I'm a market strategist, consultant, coach and speaker for product and services companies that are looking for dramatic growth and increased revenues.

My clients include Fortune 500 firms like Amazon and Sprint - as well as publicly traded companies like Logitech, TiVo, Virgin Mobile and Yelp.

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