Why Get Testimonials

How do testimonials help? Here are a dozen ways: 

  1. You become more bold.
  2. You become more optimistic.
  3. You become happier.
  4. When you are more bold, optimistic, and happier, you take more action — namely, you don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to call customers.
  5. If you are manager of customer-facing staff, you can use these testimonials to motivate your teams to communicate proactively, which is the key to strategic sales growth. 
  6.  You pour cement on your relationship with your customers, by telling them, “I am interested in your feedback on working with us…” 
  7. The customer pours cement on their relationship with you, because they are happy to allow you to share their testimonials with the world.
  8. Your get powerful language and messaging from your customers’ point of view to go to your market with — this is the best messaging you can use. 
  9. You can go to your customers with these testimonials as selling tools. “Tom, we have a customer similar to you, and here is what they have to say about us. [Paste testimonial.] Now let’s talk about helping you this way. What’s better for you, Tuesday or Thursday?” 
  10. By adding testimonials to your quotes and proposals, you will close more of them. 
  11. By adding testimonials to your newsletters, catalogs, web site, and email signatures, you are bringing credibility to your materials. It’s always compelling for a customer to see what a peer has to say about you. 
  12. By adding testimonials to your walls, and generally marinating your people in the positive feedback of your customers,  the conversation in your office changes. My clients’ environments go from a focus on problems and issues to an infusion of conversation about what they’re doing well. You will talk more about successes instead of problems.  And when this happens, sales grow!

If you would like me to interview your customers and gather at least a dozen testimonials per customer, please call me at 847-459-6322 or reply to this email. Let’s bring this kind of incredible positivity and strategic sales growth to your company.  


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My clients include Fortune 500 firms like Amazon and Sprint - as well as publicly traded companies like Logitech, TiVo, Virgin Mobile and Yelp.

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