Today I’m very happy to announce a powerful new 2019 sales growth coaching program that I think you will like a lot.

It’s for individuals — owners, executives, and salespeople — who want to add 10, 20 and even 30% to your perusal sales quickly and easily.

This is a six month program, where we’ll meet in person twice, have two web meetings in between, and you’ll have unlimited access to me for Q&A.

For years my clients have consisted of companies, which add 10-20% to their sales on average. And for years, individuals have asked if I do coaching. I did not. It took me a while to come up with the ideal structure, but I’ve created a really exciting new program here that is open to everyone.

And I will take you through a similar six-month sales growth processsales growth process as my corporate clients benefit so tremendously from,

This is a 2019 coaching program, so we start in January. The first workshop, an all day session, will be in Chicago (near O’Hare) in February. The second session will be a half-day session in May. In between we’ll do two web meetings. My team will also interview two of your customers (per participating company), to show you how valuable you are to your customers. We’ll work on confidence, optimism, and perseverance in sales. And then I’ll teach you to sell as though you’re damn good and valuable to your customers.

You can come solo, or send me multiple people from your company. Pricing is arranged to make it extremely cost-effective for you to send groups of your customer-facing people.

Don’t wait to sign up, because we have limited spots.

See all of the details and registration here.

PS — This is likely the only time I will run this program personally. In this first version, you get me. In following programs, I will systematize it for certified coaches to deliver.