At a client workshop last week, one of the attendees talked about some salespeople who call on him. He described how hard they work, how they they have him sold…and how they leave without asking for the business. “I was sold, but they didn’t ask for the order!”

 Why is this? Why do salespeople do everything but ask for the business?!

 I think it boils down to one word. Fear.

 I think it’s a fear of rejection. Some people would rather not know than experience rejection. This is why they don’t ask for the business.

 Psychologically, this is fascinating: the fear of possible rejection is stronger than the fear of not feeding our families, which is where not asking for the business ultimately leads to! The fear of rejection is stronger than the fear of not performing. It’s stronger than the fear of losing one’s job security. And it obliterates the fear of not helping the customer.

 Of course, by not asking, we guarantee a loss every time. We disqualify ourselves. If we can’t ask for the business, then what the hell are we doing in this work, really?

 Here are four questions to use:

 Should we start processing this?

 Are we going to work together?

 Would you like me to write this up now?

 Should we add it to this order, or write it up separately?


 We must ask the customer to make a decision. Sure, they might say no. But if we don’t ask for the business, we don’t give them an opportunity to say yes. If we don’t ask for the business, the customer cannot buy.


 The latest Revenue Growth Video covers this topic, in the form of pivoting to the sale. Watch it here.

 Ask for the business. Get my book. Then ask for the business. 


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