Here are the reasons we don’t proactively communicate more with customers and prospects. This is why we don’t call them instead of email. And it’s why we don’t offer additional products and services.

  1. We don’t want to bother them or take their time.
  2. We don’t want to upset or anger them. We talk to angry customers all day (that’s who calls us, right?). So we don’t want more.
  3. If we do either of the above, they might leave us. We don’t want to lose the customers.
  4. We figure if they need us, they’ll call us.
  5. We assume we don’t have the time to make these communications.

We think these thoughts instinctively. They occur automatically, in microseconds. As such, we are not even aware of them. We don’t know they are happening.

And yet, they drive our behavior. They keep us from helping our customers and prospects more. And they cost us so much money. If you’ve been selling for a while, these automatic thoughts you are not aware have cost your company millions in lost sales, and in the six or seven figures of lost income for you personally. That’s money you didn’t bring home to your family.

And so, allow me to refute each of the above irrational but understandable discomforts:

  1. You are not bothering them. In fact, customer and after customers (I interview the customers of my clients with every project) tells me they love it when their salesperson calls them to check in with them. They consider it an expression of interest and concern.
  2. Why would customers get upset if you are present and helpful? Nobody will say to you “No, I don’t want you to make my life easier!” This is us generalizing that all customers will be as upset as the ones who call us throughout the day. Here’s the thing: those are only 10% of your customers. The other 90% are happy, and not call in. So, call them.
  3. No customer will leave you if you are offering to help them more. Remember, they’ve been with you for years for a reason!
  4. Customers do not call you if they need other products or services, because they don’t know what else you can offer them. How can they if we don’t regularly and consistently tell them? On average, customers only know about 20% of what we can sell to them. And so, they are buying products and services you can sell them from the competition. Even though they’d like to buy it all from you.
  5. It takes three seconds to ask a did you know question. You have the time.

Help your customers more. Rescue them from the competition.

They want to buy more from you.

Don’t stand in their way!

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