Current events, along with our politicians and news media are creating a lot of fear and discomfort these days.

People are rightfully more stressed and uncomfortable than usual.

Many of your customers feel this way.

In this environment, those of us in sales are in a position to bring some much-needed peace and stability and friendship to our customers.

We can do this by being present for them.

We can do this by doing what we say we will do, which is what your standard operating procedure anyways (but it is not for your customers’ other suppliers).

We can do this by showing them that we care.

Many of your customers consider you a friend. Some will say you are like family. (I know because this is what my clients’ customers say so frequently in my interviews with them.)

Be there for your customers in these difficult times.

Be an island in the storm.

They deserve it.

And frankly, island refuges are hard to come by these days.