Become the Opposite of a Commodity

commodityWhen you talk about, market, and sell the details of your product, you make yourself into a commodity.

And when you are commodity, you are just like everyone else. All you have to compete on is price. It’s a difficult way to do business, and not a very fun way to live.

Most companies talk about their products and services, not their relationships.

Ironically, while customers might buy from you the first time because of your products, they stay with you because of your relationship. Ask your long-term customers what keeps them with you all these years, and they’ll cite things like your service, your responsiveness, your reliability, your speed, your accuracy, your friendship. You know what they don’t talk about? Your products! Your specifications! Your technical details!

Which is why you shouldn’t either. Focus on what your customers deem important: your relationships.

Do this, and suddenly you become the opposite of a commodity: you become singular. Nobody can compete with your relationships!


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