A client recently turned me on to the work of Dr. Amit Sood, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

He teaches a key concept that has really resonated with me: the brain has two modes — default mode, and focused mode.

Default mode is what we do and think automatically, without intentionality. Default mode is browsing the Internet aimlessly for an hour, and then wondering where the time went.

Your brain is in default mode when you sell reactively. When you spend your day answering incoming calls and concerns, and don’t infuse some intentional communications to customers and prospects about how you can help them, that’s selling with your brain in default mode.

A focused brain means you are in control of your thoughts and actions. Your attention goes where you want it to go, as opposed to where others demand. New habits demand of a focused brain. We can’t create them in default mode.

Your brain is in focused mode when you sell proactively. When you tell your customers about what else they can buy from you; when you ask for referrals; when you call three prospects per day, on purpose, because you planned to do it, and then you did it — that’s a focused brain. That’s focused selling.

Which mode do you think helps you make more money for your family?

Is your brain in default mode or focused mode?

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