Here are four revenue growth actions you can implement this week:

 Go back to five people who told you know in the last six months, and call them on the phone. 

Follow up on five quotes or proposals where the prospect has gone silent.

 Ask five reverse did you know questions: “Tom, what else are you buying elsewhere that I may be able to help you with?” 

 Ask five percentage of business questions: “Mary, what percent of your business would you guess we get? [If she says 20%…] “Hmmm… I’d really like to get that up to 30%, what would that look like?”

 This is what a typical week looks like for my clients. This is 20 sales-growing communications actions in one week. Four a day, no big deal. As you can see, they take mere seconds each.

 Now let’s assume you have 12 customer-facing people — sales and customer service people. This is 240 new, revenue-producing actions per day. That’s 1,200 per week, and 62,400 new actions per year. Let’s assume just 5% result in a sale (my clients average 12% new sales on all communications performed). But if, during these conversations, you close your eyes, and speak a made up language, you should hit 5%. 

 That’s 3,120 new sales. And let’s assume you average $1,000 per sale. We just made over $3 million.

 If you have 50 customer-facing people, you’re implementing 260,000 new sales actions per year. Close 5%, you’re at 13,000 new sales annually. At $2,500 per sale, you’re doing $32.5M in new business. At $10,000, we’ve just made $130M. 

 That is how this works. Four actions per person, per day, leading to tens of millions of new dollars annually. Don’t believe me? Read my testimonials. My clients experience this daily.

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