The first days of a new diet are easy — it’s day 26 that’s hard. 

New year’s resolutions are easy during the first week. It’s the fourth week, or the 14th week, that’s hard. Starting is easy. Grinding is hard.

 Thing is, success comes with repetitive actions over a long period of time. The grind is what brings success. The grind grows revenue.

 Asking for testimonials is easy. “What are some of your favorite things about working with us?” There, you’ve done it.

 Referrals are easy too: “Who do you know, like yourself, who would benefit from working with me like you do?” That’s it. Now just listen quietly for a reply. 

 The reverse did you know question is incredibly simple to ask: “What else are you buying elsewhere that I may be able to help you with?”

 But asking once does not bring success. We must ask systematically, for months and years. We must make it fun for ourselves, so that we want to ask. We must make it look easy, even when it is hard, because people, prospects, want to be around partners they enjoy.

 What’s the word for repetitive actions that are enjoyable and fulfilling? 


 Predictable, systematic growth demands that we develop habits that are proven to grow sales.  To grow sales, we must develop the revenue growth habit. 

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