Earlier this year, I received a hand-written note. It’s the only such note I’ve received over the last year. I read it in 15 seconds, and put it down. This was about four months ago. It’s still on my desk. I cannot bring myself to throw it away. I was done with it the moment I finished reading it, but there it sits, a visual daily reminder of the time the good person took to write me personally.

In an era where anyone can tweet or post or email anything to anyone at any time, it is easier than ever to stand out from the crowd. The personal communication is increasingly rare. The hand-written note is basically with the dinosaurs. It’s not endangered, it’s extinct. But you can bring it back. You can let a prospect know you sat at your desk, and for the five or 10 minutes it took to write this note, you thought about them.

The personal email is becoming rare. The hand-written note will make them remember you. I write five weekly, and most of the recipients bring it up to me in our next conversation.

Get a nice pen, sit down at a clean desk, and write somebody something nice. This is a revenue activity!

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