We humans mostly behave according to our fears. That is, salespeople do what we can to avoid rejection because that is our great fear. So, most of us will usually email instead of call. Most of us tend to shy away from asking for referrals, or testimonials, or offering additional products and services to our happy customers (which theyneed and want and wish they can buy from us) because we don’t want to riskrejection.

But there is something else. Most of us are wired to take the easy path instead of the effortful one. That is, if there are two options towards completing something (say, communication with a customer or prospect), and one is easier and one is harder, we will almost always select the easier one — even if the harder option is the one most likely to bring us success. (And it almost always is.) There is science and psychology behind this, but in the simplest terms, we are wired to take the easiest path.

Which is why the most successful salespeople — your colleagues who are selling the most and being rewarded with the most take-home pay for their families — are the ones who risk and effort the most.

Every day, these folks risk rejection more than their colleagues. And they consistently select higher effort action because they know it’s the one most likely to help the customer, and bring them success.

I see it at all of my clients, every single day. The most successful salespeople regularly and consistently make the calls, have the meetings, ask for the business, ask for the referrals, and offer additional products and services.

They do the work, and they risk rejection.

Will you?

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