In this last quarter of the year, you can double your sales.

If you want to.

And if you think you can.

Because if you want to, and if you think you can, you will actually do the work that sales growth requires.

Because that work is the “secret” to selling more.

Calling instead of emailing, that’s the secret.

Offering additional products and services to existing customers, that’s also the secret.

Systematically following up on quotes and proposals. Secret.

Another secret: be present, don’t be quiet. Quiet salespeople don’t get the business.Interested, caring salespeople get the business.

So what do all of these “secrets” have in common?

They’re not really secrets, are they?

No. You know all of these things.

They’re more like truths, aren’t they?

And that’s the thing about sales growth: you already know exactly what to do.

And you know how to do it.

The question is, will you do the work?

Because it’s the doing that makes you money. Knowing doesn’t make you a single dollar.

The work is the secret to sales growth.

Will you do the work?

My clients do the work systematically and consistently. And they add 10 to 20% in additional sales every year they do so. When you communicate more with customers and prospects, business has no choice but to grow. If you’d like these results, call me directly at 847-459-6322, or simply reply to this email.