What Do You Sell That Customers Would Happily Add on to Their Purchases?I was buying a cup of coffee at the Minneapolis airport, and the young lady ringing me up asked if I’d like a bottle of water with my coffee. I’ve purchased thousands of cups of coffee in my life, hundreds in airports, and nobody has ever asked me that question. It dawned on me that she just asked me the did you know question!

“Do they teach you to ask this question?” I asked.

She said, “Yes, it’s part of our training.”

“How many people buy a bottle of water?”

Without hesitating, she said, “Almost everyone.” It makes perfect sense, people are getting on the airplane. Of course they want water.

I bought one too. Guess how much it cost?


The coffee cost $3.

With this one simple, powerful question, this coffee chain more than doubles, and nearly triples, their revenue.

What’s your bottle of water?

What do you sell, or make, or do, that customers would happily add on to their purchases? It can be different things to different people. Look at what they’re buying from you now, and what they could buy, and ask them about it.
Identify your bottle of water. Offer it. Sell it. And enjoy the ensuing revenue!

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