Why do your customers buy from you? 

 Almost certainly, they can buy what they buy from you elsewhere. So why do they come to you? 

 Do you know?

 Have you asked them? 

 I know what the answer is:

 They don’t buy from you because of your amazing product. It’s probably a commodity.

 They don’t buy from you because of your price, which they could probably get others to match. My clients’ customers tell me regularly, for example, that the competition calls all the time, offering to beat your price, but yet they stay with you. 

 Why? Why do they buy from you?

 The answer is….


 They buy from you because of you. 

 They keep coming back to you — for years and decades — because of their relationship with you.

 They can buy the product anywhere, but the relationship with you is singular. You know them. You help them. You visit them. You take care of them, quickly. You’re reliable. You do what you say you’ll do. Sometimes, you give them answers to questions they don’t even know to ask. They value that. 

 They value you.

 Your customers love you.

 Now, I’m asking you to buy this from me. Believe this. (When we work together, I get your customer-facing people to believe this, because I get your customers to tell say exactly what they love about working with them.)

Believe that your customers love you.

And then — here’s the money-making key — behave accordingly. 

 Ask for the business, every time.

 Offer your customers additional products and services and value. 

 Pick up the phone. Don’t hesitate to call them, and go see them. They’ll be happy to hear from you. 

 Know how good you are.

 And then behave accordingly.